Saturday, August 29, 2009

WHO is R3-S6????

Goldie was an R3 series astromech droid that was stolen by agents of General Grievous.
It was taken to Milagro, reprogrammed and surreptitiously returned to the Republic to act as a spy.
After the loss of R2 during the Battle of Bothawui, R3 was assigned as a temporary replacement to Anakin Skywalker during the search for R2-D2.
Because he was a spy, R3 was very devious and deceitful.
He masked his true missions with fake innocence, relying on appeared incompetence to attempt to kill Anakin and Ahsoka on various occasions before revealing his true allegiances to them.
Later on, R3 met Skywalker and the clones in the landing bay. Anakin learned that Ahsoka had engaged Grievous alone, and quickly went to rescue her. However, R3 locked the Jedi and the clones in the hangar, and also activated three Vulture droids. B2 super battle droids appeared, and the Republic forces engaged in battle. Anakin sent Artoo to look for controls on the outer platform and open the hangar. After Artoo found the controls, R3 followed him and engaged the droid in a duel. Both shocked each other simultaneously, but Artoo managed to incapacitate his opponent. After Artoo opened the hangar door, R3 regained control and attacked Artoo again. However, this time, Artoo spurted oil at R3 and knocked him toward the edge of the platform. R3 deployed a cable and hung on to Artoo to prevent himself from falling, but Artoo lit the oil on fire with his boosters and cut through the cable with his saw. As R3 flew through the air, he was smashed to pieces by flying debris.:(

Shortly after, Artoo was rescued by Anakin in his fighter.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome to my new blog!

I finally decided which droid I'd like to make after 5 years or so of watching my dad build his. I'm building Goldie!

Dad's beloved R2:

Mom's R3:

Yeeep, so now I'm making one.
So far I've already got the dome ordered and the skins. Both made out of polystyrene. So much more cheaper AND lighter than aluminum!
Can't wait to get started!

I'll be using this blog to track all of my future progress as well in case you haven't figure that already. :)

Polystyrene dome posted above.