Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Celebration 5 pics

Woo! Celebration 5 is officially over, and I am exausted!
Now that it is finally over, it's time for the pictures of some of the things that went on during the con.

Here is my droid at C5. Some of the info on the stand up thing is wrong: the cost is actually over $500, the age should be 18, and the weight is wrong as well.
But we did turn in the info quite a while ago so, of course the info different now.
Surprisingly enough Goldie did get more attention than I thought an unfinished droid could get. A little girl said, "I don't like that one, he's mean!" because in the show he's evil and tries to get Anakin, Ahsoka, and R2 killed. I loled at that.

I got to meet DroidWelder and his Clone Wars R2 in person for the first time, which was pretty neat since he's been the one who was helping me with my Clone Wars Goldie over the internet. :)

I also got to meet Thomas and his wife in person for the first time as well! (Nice meeting you, Thomas)
Hope my parents didn't talk you to death too much. hehe

Todd and Jessica's droid was looking very nice. Can't wait to see Jessica's R7 finished oneday!
Mom's and Jessica's droid was stealing all the attention from poor R2. :( lol

I also liked Todd's dome he made, it's an R9 I think. First one ever made!

Got to meet Dave Everette for the first time. He loved mom's droid, so she let him take it for a spin for a while.

I met many others in person for the first time, and seen some familiar faces as well. Very fun experience! Nice to meet all of you!

Our group, the Southern R2 Builders group bought one of the Hoth scenes they had at C5 for a little over a thousand dollars from the Atlanta group.
Well made set up and will be a hit a Megacon next year. ;)

My parents met some guys from "The Grand Florida Alliance" at the con on the last day and they donated a Hoth ice set up to us for free! They're website is SWGFA.com
They are a large collective of devotees to the "Galaxy Far, Far, Away". Whether you're a collector, costumer, gamer, or just love the movies, they have something for everyone. They also have local events.
Very generous of them! Thanks again guys! This we be at Megacon next year as well.

The droid race and the extreme droid challenge was fun, even though I lost.
My remote control kept getting interference and cost me the race, I was pissed. But it was fun anyway. I'll have Goldie running for sure this time and will have alot more experience under my belt!

The droid parade was probably one of my favorite events out of the whole con.
It felt like we we're all celebrities going down the red carpet.

I could go on and on and on about C5 all day long so,
For more pics of Celebration 5, goto my facebook page here:http://www.facebook.com/#!/album.php?aid=12195&id=1765735196
I posted over a hundred photos of the con yesterday and today.
Though I enjoyed C5, I still like Megacon better I hate to say it.
Wasn't as good as I hoped it to be, but it's still pretty good. Glad to be home, I'm way too worn out! And I'm happy I don't have to work this week! :D
Till next time!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Leaving togo to Orlando tomorrow!

Hello everyone! Tomorrow we're heading out to go to Orlando for Celebration 5!
Sure, I didn't get Goldie fully built and standing like I said I would, but I'm still excited to go to C5. :)
This is probably going to be one of the biggest cons I've ever been to. I myself have never been to any of the Celebrations before, so I'm not sure what to expect.
Well, can't wait to meet those of you I've never met in person, god I suck at meeting new people, and will probably seem uptight. I hate being shy. lol

Anyway, enough of this mindless babble!
Here is what we managed to get done before C5:

We got one of the legs completed and primed (you can't see it in this pic), the other leg half built, both shoulders built, body wet sanded and primed and wet sanded again, and the dataport is temporarily glued in, and we have all of the parts for the dome temporarily put in for show.

Well, see you all at the show! ;)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Attaching the legs to the body

Hello again everyone, it's time for another update on my favorite droid!
With Celebration 5 nearly just a round the corner, we're gonna have to crunch big time this week!
Today we we're working on getting the legs attached to the body... well one leg, we're still working on finishing the other one.
We had to make the shoulders abit smaller than the regular droid's shoulder because if you look at a screenshot of Goldie from Clonewars, you'll notice his legs fit alot closer to the body than the legs of a classic droid.
Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about:

You can see that the legs almost touch the body!

Now onto how we did the shoulder.
Here is what we used to make the shoulder:
We used 1 piece each of 2 different kinds of wood. We used 3/4 pressboard and 1/2 MDF.
And the measurements are 6 7/16 inches in diameter.
We used a router to cut the 2 circles out, used wood glue to attached the 2 pieces together and sanded down the edges to get it nice and smooth.
We will eventually, when we get to it, will skin the shoulder with polystyrene and paint it.

In this picture we have the leg and shoulder temporarily attached to the body.
Not only that, you can see we've been working on getting the dome and body ready for painting. ;)
And also the vent in this pic is screwed up. It turns out that the glue we used on the vents doesn't stick to resin very well. So that will be something else we'll be working on this week.

The parts on the dome are temporarily taped on for show.

That's all for now folks! ;)