Saturday, February 26, 2011


Well, after getting on the wheels and castors and adding some strength to the center leg and ankle, he is now ready for Megacon 11'!
While he isn't driveable yet, he can still be rolled into the convention center instead of having to carry his butt.
And also, he rolls very well! You can push him with your pinky finger and he takes off! Try doing that with a heavy aluminum droid. ;)
So if Celebration 6 is in Orlando again I might enter him into the droid races. I can see him easily as one of the fastest droids there because of how light he is!
Here is what Goldie looked like last year:

Here is what he will look like this time:

As you can see my cat Wally's legs are sticking out of my droid. Yep, my droid is going to be cat powered. He will be the fastest droid ever.

For anyone who may be wondering how the center leg and A&A foot looks up close.

This will probably be my last post until we leave for Megacon.
I'll see you all there!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Goldie on 3 legs (temporarily)

Another small update to show you Goldie temporarily on 3 legs. As you can see he is not on wheels yet because I just ordered the scooter wheels and belts yesterday ($83 fraking dollars!) and still have to buy the wheels for the center foot from Home Depot. And more screws to buy which I should be buying those at the end of the week.
We had to sit the body flat on a table when we were setting the legs and got the legs at 34 degrees instead of 36 to give room for the motor holders.

Well, as soon as the wheels get here I can finish getting him on wheels and rolling for Megacon.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

R3 on feet

Just a small update to show you that he is now on 2 feet. Well, motor holders anyway.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Goldie with 2 legs

Long time no see! Been a while since I last posted any thing, I kinda got out of building for a while. But now I'm finally back into building again and plan getting him done late this year or the next depending how money is.

As you can see he is now standing! On 2 legs though. I plan on working on getting him on 3 wheels before Megacon in March if parts get here on time and if I have enough money. lol That'll be easier on my back, I won't have to carry him, I'll be able to just roll him in this time.
Since I had gotten out of building for like 6 months or so my dad has been working on the other leg (the white one in the pic) so that was mostly done by him this time. Boo on me. haha

We're now working on the foot motor holders and getting the seemingly hundreds of screws, nuts and washer put in it so it won't fall apart. It costed me $33 alone for the screws and stuff yesterday and I still have more to buy.
So once that's done we can work on the third leg and go ahead and order the wheels and belts for the feet.
He should be on wheels then.