Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New projects!

While I'm waiting for more parts to come in for my droid, I'm going to be working on this Trigun revolver prop:
I'll make an update when I'm finished with it.

Also while I was at Megacon this year, I finally decided what costume I want to make next year.
A Rebel Pilot:

So when ever I get the chance I will be joining the Rebel Legion website and seeing which rebel pilot I want to make.
Right now their website seems to be down or something because I can't get to it.
(I will make an update of which one I choose when ever I can get to their site.)

Megacon 2011

Megacon is finally over and I am exhausted!
I had lots of fun this year and the booth looked better than last year with the combined efforts of The Southern R2 Builders group and The Rebel Legion.

First off, some pictures of our booth:

My droid Goldie still unfinished of course!

Jessica's R7C1 droid.

My mom's(Brenda's) R3T7 droid.

Now for some pics of some of my favorite costumers at Megacon:


My favorite costume there, he can even make the weird alien voice. (One of the aliens from "Mars Attacks".)

Some guys from the 501st also stopped by our booth for pictures.

Our droids out cruising around.

Well, that's all until next year... *sob* See you all in a year! ;)