Thursday, April 29, 2010

EYE see you!

We got the rader eye finished today and went ahead and glued it in with some Goop.
Well, it's not entirely finished, we taped on lense for now. The lense I went with are the bronze see-through kind so I can eventually put a web cam in that area.

And in the picture above is my new $40 "dome bumps".
They're supposed to light up red when I get them hooked up. They're the black and red version of dad's (Calvin) blue and chrome dome bumps. Same price and from the same place he got them too.

And also we've been trying different types of gold spray paint for the dome and STILL haven't found the right color! I've found a color that would probably look good enough, so I might have to just settle with it.
Sooooo, you might just be seeing Goldie painted pretty soon!

That's all for now!