Sunday, June 6, 2010

Leg is skinned!

Well, here it is! The fully styrene CloneWars leg is now completed.
I here by dub these the Calvin CW Styrene Legs! lol Or maybe we could call them the C&C (Calvin&Crissy) styrene legs.
All it needs now is some putty work here and there, the little details that go on it, and some paint.
If anyone wants to know the measurements or has any question about building the legs, just ask. We need more CloneWars droids!

We're on to building the next one! This time I get to do most of it now that we know how to build the legs. I get to start cutting them out tomorrow. :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lots o' leg progress

Goldie's leg that everyone here's been working on for the past few months is finally getting close to being done! (except for all the little details that go on it, and the paint :P)
My dad and me got all of the layers permanently glued on last week with some Weld-on glue for styrene.
It will be much faster to build the next leg now that we figured out how to build the first completely styrene leg, so Goldie should be on legs for Ancient City Con here in Jacksonville, FL. YESSSS!!
I've also ordered the foot motor holders for the feet last week, costed me about $140for a pair but it will be worth it to finally see him standing.
So as soon as that comes in, I will be building the feet.
Gonna spend the last remaining bit of cash I have left to buy the foot motors and the wheels and anything else I can afford this weekend. woo 3 cheers for being poor again!

Right now, we are getting the legs skinned, so if everything goes as planned the leg should be finished today.

Below is the progress pics of the styrene leg:

We went ahead and got the wires for the motors and such in the leg before we closed it up.

Built the little pocket there out of polystyrene and pvc pipe.

Pic of it finished.

Here's the inside of the 3rd and top layer of the leg.

Top layer glued onto the leg.

Part of the ankle we almost forgot to build.

The leg and ankle starting to be skinned.

We used a dremel and a sander to get rid of the excess skin that you see in the above picture.

Still more to come, we're almost finished with the styrene leg! ;)