Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New projects!

While I'm waiting for more parts to come in for my droid, I'm going to be working on this Trigun revolver prop:
I'll make an update when I'm finished with it.

Also while I was at Megacon this year, I finally decided what costume I want to make next year.
A Rebel Pilot:

So when ever I get the chance I will be joining the Rebel Legion website and seeing which rebel pilot I want to make.
Right now their website seems to be down or something because I can't get to it.
(I will make an update of which one I choose when ever I can get to their site.)


Christy said...

Their site was down for awhile this afternoon, but it seems to be back up. You will make an adorable pilot! :D

Christina Thomas said...

Thanks! :P
My next years project after Goldie is finished.