Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paint color choices.. part 2

Okay so we're back to trying to find a gold for Goldie.
Here are some of the different yellowish gold colors I found:

I don't really care for any of those golds very much, so what do you guys think?
Too much yellow for me.

While looking through pictures of Goldie on other websites I found this:

To me that tan-ish gold color looks pretty close to what the gold looks like in the picture below.
So I might be going with this color on the cubee Goldie in the picture to the left.

In the cartoon you can see that Goldie has many different shades of gold in his dome and on his body. There's yellow, gold, tan, and even a little bit of green.
So really, there isn't really one single color for Goldie at all. Which is why I am going with whatever color I think looks best on him.

So do you guys think the cubee Goldie in the picture looks closer to the Goldie the picture above or are one of the other colors better?


The life of thomas said...

Hi Crissy!

Its too yellow. It should be closer to a pale egg/white yellowishy colour.

Like this but about 2 shades lighter:


Christina Thomas said...

That's not a bad color either.
I'm still undecided if I want to go with a more yellowish gold or a tan gold. hmm
Where did you find that color at?


The life of thomas said...

I looked it up in google.


R2Builder said...

I think the "yellow" is quite green tinted, not just a tan.

Even the "gold" panels have a green tint to them which gold can have.

Make sure you are looking at color swatches outside in good natural light. indoor lighting will change the color a LOT !