Friday, April 15, 2011

CW Skirt Progress

Just a small update to show you what we've been working on lately.
Apparently my mom loves to build skirts or something because a few days ago when I got home she was already cutting out pieces and everything way before I got home.
So most of the skirt was built by her. lol

And also, Good news! Todd a fellow builder and friend, volunteered to help me paint Goldie! He's a professional painter and told me over the phone he could paint it in layers and can get it to have all the different colors and highlights in the dome and body.
So when I get Goldie close to being finished enough to paint him, I'll have to spend about a week down in Orlando with them to have him painted.

Oh, and about the Trigun revolver, I have been working on it(not this week though) and I still have a ways to go before even get it ready for priming what with all the pits and the fact that the mold is kind of lousy.
Will post pics when I do get it primed.

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